About Lotus

Passionate . Energetic . Entertaining

Passionate . Energetic . Entertaining

My name is Lian, owner and co-founder of Lotus Tours. Known to my clients as Lotus, my goal is to ensure that you experience Beijing in its truest essence! As a private tour provider in Beijing, I take great pride in my wonderful city, which is a unique and exciting global destination.

While growing up I used to be cheerful and quite talkative. I developed a passion for travel early on and my inquisitive nature made me want to dig deeper and learn more about my own culture. I am a happy go lucky girl with a penchant for storytelling. Six years ago, after graduating university with a degree in English, I moved to Beijing to pursue a career as a tour guide.

I have acquired the experience and knowledge over these past 6 years and am quite intuitive in understanding what my clients want. I can entertain you on tours with my knowledge of history along with interesting anecdotes. I can also point you in the right direction with respect to restaurants, bars, and nightlife. Beijing also happens to be a great spot for shopping. I really enjoy what I do and have met many people from all over the world. Based on my service, I have received many more referrals from my clients, which has helped grow my business.

I want to ensure that each and very guest that visits Beijing has an outstanding experience. Please feel free to email or send me message on Whatsapp with questions. Hopefully, Lotus Tours will be able to take you to places of historical and cultural interest, but most importantly to ensure that your stay here is exciting and memorable.

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