Beijing Great Wall Tour Guide

Your trip to Beijing is incomplete withoutgreat wall tour. Situated along the mountain ridges north of the capital city, the Great Wall of China is one the most iconic wonders of the world reflecting the genius of the Ming Dynasty.

Beijing Great Wall tour Guide

There are plethora of options for visitors to visit the Great Wall, as this UNESCO World Heritage site is actually composed of several sections. The important section of the Great Wall are described as follows:

Badaling Great Wall: It is one of the most popular and easily accessible segments of the Great wall having top attractions like the Forbidden City and the Ming Tombs. The altitude is 1015 meters high, it is one of the most visited section of the great wall.

Juyongguan: it is located little more near to Beijing than Badaling the valley sandwiched by the Jundu Mountains and the ending of the Taihang Mountains.

Mutianyu Great Wall: With its picturesque scenery and lined trees, it always attracts visitors from all over the world. It was usually the battleground in ancient times.

Simatai Great Wall: It is the only great wall retaining the original appearance of the Great Wall in Ming Dynasty and was also named as the Original Great Wall by UNESCO.

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