Beijing Airport Layover Tour

Beijing Airport Layover Tour Guide

Beijing is the second largest city of China, after Shanghai. It is the capital city and known to be a highly populated city. The Beijing Capital International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world, as it is the chief entry and exit points in China. It also has a large number of aircraft layovers and transits.

The layover time can vary from 6 hours to 14 and more. Instead of whiling away the layover time idly inside the airport, a more exciting option is to go out and explore of the most exquisite cities in China. Beijing is known for its rich history, and innumerable heritage sites. The Beijing airport layover tour Guide  developed because of the 144 hours of visa-free entry policy of China.

Reliable Beijing Tour

Lotus Tours is known to provide of the most proficient Private tour guides and customized tour packages for a detailed and enjoyable Beijing city tour experience. The tour packages are reasonable, have no additional hidden charges and an easy cancellation policy. The tour itineraries contain all the major tourist attractions such as the Forbidden City, be a part of the Beijing Great Wall tour, The Temple of Heaven, The Ming Tombs and other important tour sites.

The tour packages are specially designed to make the most out of your limited available time. For longer tours of 2-3 days, there are more exhaustive touring choices available. For example, you can treat yourself to the famous Beijing Operas or explore the Great Wall of China fully.

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