Beijing airport layover tour Guide

Beijing Is Calling- With Most Informed Guides Experience The Real City!

Welcome to Beijing! The city that has always been enjoying the fame of a characteristic of Asia longstanding respect for its rich culture and historical places with mix of ultra-modern ways of life of the people here. One the most vibrant modern city that keeps the age old traditional values of thousands of years in its heart, and by the numbers of tourist thronging to the city from all over the world, it’s an experience you can’t miss to take!

The dynamic city of Beijing with professional tour guide, attractions such as the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, etc. topped with great food, great markets, the best kungfu show and much more will surely give you a boundless enjoyment. Hailed as cultural Mecca of China, the city offers countless delights to explore. Beijing Great Wall is one of the greatest sights in the world and the longest wall, a magnificent accomplishment of ancient defensive construction, and you need Guide to understand this awe-inspiring architecture!

Beijing Airport Layover Tour Guide will get you 144 hour visa-free entry policy (53 nationalities) and 24 hour visa-free entry for almost all nationalities! If you have 8-10 hours layover time in Beijing, why not to make it exciting and most memorable experience by visiting Great Wall or Forbidden City or any other places that guide will inform you about which can be completed in stipulated time. offers you best price, VIP pass, experienced guide, no hidden charges, free cancellation and flexible itinerary. Guide’s make your visit very informative, which proves to be very exciting, believe me!

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