Beijing Top Attractions

Exclusive Time to Enjoy the Blend of Old & New with Beijing Private Tour Guide!

Unique and top quality private tours with best services makes the Beijing tour ultimate satisfying that allows you to unearth the cultural treasures of the city. When you get the right information and the time to visit the Beijing’s  top attractions Guide helps you to select the one that appeals most to you. When planning a day tour, well informed and professional tour guide provides you complete details of the destinations and guide you select the route where you can visit most places. Be ready to get charmed with Beijing private tour of Great Wall of China, Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Summer Palace and more sites with historical and modern importance.

Private Beijing tour guide is a relaxed way to appreciate the beauty of the Beijing and traveling down the lane of ancient dynasties of China. With millions of tourists every year, Beijing is one of the most visited cities around the globe. Reasons are simple, you can experience and feel thousands year past history and at the same time rub the modernization to hilt. With more than hundreds of tourist’s sites, there is no particular time to visit here. Come anytime and enjoy your private tour…some beautiful places are walking distance while some are little far.

Beijing private day tour offers chance to have some insight information of the city with the help of your personal tour guide.You will not be bound to travel with strangers, and you can avail this luxury at competitive price. Tailor made services are available for you with that covers private car and driver, personal tour guide, entrance fee, meals and more.

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